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dollar general & mountain dew team up for a big win.

Posted by: MARS ShopTalk | May 6, 2013  

We all know retailers have loyalty programs and brands often do too (a la Coke Rewards).  But rarely do the two intersect – until now. Dollar General and Mountain Dew have joined forces to put a new twist on loyalty. From February 27  to November 30th, shoppers who buy Mountain Dew at Dollar General receive codes printed on their store receipt that they can enter on a promotional website to buy a variety of NASCAR merchandise.  The effort grew out of the recognition that Dollar General shoppers over-index for Mountain Dew, NASCAR and country music.

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With cross-channel shopping at an all-time high, retailers are searching for ways to keep their shoppers coming back to their shores, thus capturing a greater share of trips.  This effort is among the first to reward shoppers for buying a specific brand at a specific retailer – creating a win-win-win for shoppers, brands and retailers alike.


3 Responses to dollar general & mountain dew team up for a big win.

  1. Theresa Lyons says:

    We talk about loyalty all day long and I think card aside this is a solid solution. It’s simple for the shopper to participate but unlike a card it causes them to get a little skin in the game. When it’s completely passive on their part I’m not sure you make as much of an impact on their behavior. Little effort on their part and rewards they can connect with. Everyone seems to win.

    • Fern Grant says:

      I agree its solid, but isnt this just getting the people who buy there to continue to buy there? Feels like an even better growth solution would have been to get them to buy some country music cd’s when they bought their Mountain Dew!

  2. ann carr says:

    Dollar General is Mountain Dew’s 3rd largest retailer?- its amazing to me that in less than 5 years, this channel could become that important to this category/brand. This seems like a simple,value added idea but I would question whether the purchase frequency would be high enough to make it work for consumers with one brand at one retailer… Regardless, its a custom promotion targeted to DG’s key shoppers that will most likely grow/evolve to become a signature effort for Pepsi.

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